Katrina Per | Registered Massage Therapist

Katrina’s passion for massage therapy comes from her own experiences with severe injuries and set-backs during her equestrian career. While in New York training, Katrina suffered a concussion which led to severe post-concussive syndrome. Massage therapy was able to drastically reduce the number of headaches and symptoms associated with her concussion and allowed her to return to her activities of daily living. Katrina strongly believes in the body’s ability to heal and she uses a variety of techniques to reduce tension, increase range of motion and improve people’s sense of well-being.

As a coach, Katrina is able to creatively come up with solutions to complex problems and applies this attitude to her massage therapy patients. Katrina enjoys working with people from all walks of life and is able to work with those who have developmental challenges and/or communication difficulties.

Katrina is a graduate of the competency-based Registered Massage Therapy Program at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communications from SFU.