Justin Lorette | Relaxation Massage

Justin has always had a passion for the sciences and has always strived to pursue knowledge and understanding in all he does.

After suffering a whiplash injury in 2017, he sought care through massage therapy and chiropractic work. It was after seeing the care others put into him through manual therapy that he decided that he wanted something different than Chemical Engineering and decided to change paths into Massage Therapy. He quickly fell in love with all aspects of the profession and was excited to give back in a more meaningful way then he did before as others had done with him. 

Justin grew up in Richmond and currently lives in Ladner with his wife, son, and dog. He enjoys staying active in as many ways as he can including cycling, hiking, and pickle ball. 

Justin is currently studying to become an RMT and practices using Swedish relaxation techniques, myofascial release, and trigger point work.