Danielle Nakhleh | Registered Massage Therapist

Danielle worked in the financial industry for over 9 years and decided to switch careers after her passion for health, wellness, and athletics led her to Massage Therapy.  She originally went to school for Human Kinetics at the University of Western Ontario but had a little detour after that – listening to her gut instinct she decided to take the leap and go back to school full-time at The West Coast College of Massage Therapy to pursue her dream.  It wasn’t easy as she has two young children at home, a boy and a girl, but her passion to help people and provide a service she believed in, kept her motivated and succeeding.

She is excited to begin her new career with Fiskco Health + Performance as it aligns perfectly with her values and work ethic.  She has seen the true value of Massage Therapy through her athletics, specifically Triathlon.  Massage Therapy has the capacity to relieve, improve, and manage any stress on the body due to athletic endeavors and life itself!  Knowing what the body is capable of and how Massage Therapy can assist a person with recovery of any kind – physical or mental is something Danielle wants to be a part of.

Danielle was born in Hamilton, Ontario, and raised in White Rock, BC.  She played soccer, basketball, and snowboarded most of her youth and then gained interest in Triathlon later in her life which she is actively involved in now.  She’s raced a sprint, standard, and half ironman distance with many more to come.  Physical activity is a huge endorphin boost which she finds helps her live a healthy, positive, and purposeful life.

Danielle would like to help her patients live their best life and if Massage Therapy can play any part in that she will do her absolute best – be it with recovery, stress relief, and relaxation.