Veronica Toy | Registered Massage Therapist




Veronica is a highly skilled massage therapist and she is a consummate professional at all times. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. Every session with her is targeted towards a particular goal and she focuses on my needs and how she can lessen any pain. One aspect of Veronica’s service I always greatly appreciate is that she is always ready for our sessions ahead of schedule. This allows us to begin and complete our sessions on time. She is always sensitive to my needs and ensured that I was completely satisfied after every session. I was truly impressed with her willingness to listen carefully to my symptoms and ask very pertinent questions to help determine the most effective treatment options for my pain. I look forward to working with her in the future. 

Thank you Veronica!! - M.J.



My first introduction to therapy at Fiskco Health was February 2014.

Up until that time , I had been dealing (with not great success)  with almost monthly neck issues, headaches and a  chronic “frozen shoulder” I read an article in the Delta Optimist,  announcing the opening of a new health clinic in Ladner “Fiskco Health & Performance” –The new clinic offered Chiropractic , Registered Massage, Acupuncture , Naturopathy and Fascial Stretch.


I showed my wife the article and she immediately  stated “that stretch therapy looks like something that could really help you!”  I had my first appointment for Fascial Stretch Therapy  with Veronica Toy, the next week.


Within several sessions , my “frozen shoulder” was thawed!. I could throw a ball again, and most importantly, do so without pain.  My periodic neck related headaches were  dissipating, becoming less frequent.

Since my overall health was improving, I started running with Team Fiskco, right from their Ladner clinic, on a weekly basis.  With Veronica’s therapy (and encouragement) ,I entered  the 10 K Vancouver Sun Run that Spring.  I am now averaging 4 official runs per year.  Thankfully Veronica has now added Registered Massage Therapy to her professional skills, of which I have utilized as much as possible!

I have since have had a variety of treatments by almost all the professionals at Fiskco Health, with perhaps even an acupuncture session with Dr.Wu in my future.


In closing , I want to express how much I appreciate the professionals at Fiskco Health.

These people are true health providers , trained in state of the art techniques, to go along with a genuine interest in their patients wellbeing.


I thoroughly endorse Team Fiskco! - D.S.