Jes von Henzke|Registered Massage Therapist




Jes von HenzkeJes is currently on an extended leave of absence from our Clinic and will not be accepting any patient bookings at this time.


From a young age, Jes knew the healing power of touch. Growing up in a family who would turn down a handshake for a hug made her appreciate how human contact can shift someones physiological state and promote healing. As the years passed, family dinners often turned into a lineup of willing recipients for her healing hands.


In 2004, Jes was in a car accident that left her in a wheelchair with significant injuries. She rehabilitated her body with physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic. When she discovered yoga in 2007, she finally found a way to rehabilitate her mind and spirit. In 2008, Jes took her first yoga teacher training program and has continued to further her education, completing over 500 hours of study in the field and practice of yoga. 


Jes taught yoga full-time until she became pregnant with her daughter and was ordered bedrest for 10 weeks. After giving birth to a healthy 10 pound girl, she was again faced with rehabilitation of her physical body. Jes’ thirst for knowledge increased the healthier she got, and she decided to enrol in the Kinesiology program at Langara College in 2012. From there, she transferred into the inaugural cohort of the Registered Massage Therapy program and graduated at the top of her class and with an additional Certificate in Subtle Manual Therapies. 


Jes teaches public yoga classes at Open Space Yoga in Ladner, is an instructor in the Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program at Langara College, and competes in powerlifting in her spare time.