Dr. Tung I Wu | Acupuncturist + Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)




"I have to thank Dr. Tung Wu for his help using Chinese medicine and acupuncture to help me get pregnant. I struggled for a year before successfully getting pregnant and I just delivered a beautiful baby girl.  I strongly believe that Dr. Wu was the reason I was able to conceive our baby.  Before I saw him I was only having a one day cycle and was struggling with the stress of not getting pregnant. It only took a few sessions before I started to feel more relaxed and the next month I was pregnant.  Thank you Dr. Wu for all your help!!!" 

- EM



"I have been a patient of Dr. Wu for about 2 yrs now. I have seen him for issues  ranging from chronic pain after a motor vehicle accident, neck pain, anxiety, tendonitis and most recently to aid in fertility. I find him to be thorough and very professional but also warm and personable. I am very afraid of needles and for our first session, he sat in the room the entire time so i would feel more comfortable. He’ll even crack a joke or two!

We have used a combination of needles, needles with electric current and also Chinese herbal supplements. With the Chinese herbal we returned my irregular cycle back to normal and with acupuncture we were able to get pregnant!
I have had friends see him for fertility and woman’s health issues with amazing results. Dr Wu has been such an incredible addition to my healthcare team and i would highly recommend him to anyone.


"I decided to contact Dr. Wu for treatment during the six weeks of my visit to Canada. This was the best decision I could have made. Aside from having a great sense of humor, Dr. Wu is a highly skilled practitioner. After the third treatment, my symptoms were significantly less than they have been since 2011. With the addition of his prescribed herbal supplements, Dr. Wu was able to help me “reclaim” my life. By the end of vacation I was able to hike a 30km trail and stay overnight without any problems (not something I could have imagined doing when I first arrived in the country!) This was not the first time that I have tried acupuncture, but it is the first time it worked. I am grateful to Dr. Wu for his help."


- J.K.



"I started seeing Dr Wu for headaches, TMJ issues and some of the anxiety that goes along with it.  His treatment sessions with me combine acupuncture and acupressure.  When I’ve had a headache at the start of the session, it’s typically gone at the end. I have seen a few different acupuncturists over the years but Dr. Wu is the first I have seen real progress with.   Dr. Wu is very friendly with a great sense of humor.  I never feel pressured as to how often I book appointments or purchasing any additional products, like I have experienced with others.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wu - whether you have done acupuncture or just want to give it a try."


- S. Wright



 "I had experienced relief from pain through acupuncture a few years ago in Ottawa, and wanted help again from someone locally who was thoroughly schooled in the practice. A friend recommended Dr. Wu and said that he was a well-trained acupuncturist as well as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With such credentials, I was sure he could help me, and he did! He treated me with acupuncture and acupressure for both chronic sinus issues and chronic back pain and brought me long lasting relief for both problems. The clinic is comfortable and welcoming, and Dr. Wu is kind and encouraging, and explains everything he does. It’s so wonderful to have the pain gone and to feel well again. I recommend him if you need help with pain and health problems. You won’t be disappointed."


- M.G.



 "I first learned of cosmetic acupuncture through Dr. Wu when he was treating me for pain in my pinky finger.  My ears  perked up and I asked for more information!  I had been considering surgery for my aging face and neck, but not looking forward to the four week recovery period.

I committed to the acupuncture procedure involving two sessions per week for just over a month.  I saw immediate results after the first treatment!   My skin tightened and the natural color returned.   Follow up treatment once every three months is easy to manage.
I have a new lease on life and am very pleased with my improved appearance."    
- J.D.