Dr. Shawna Fiske | Chiropractor



"As a professional athlete I have been to massage therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists my whole life and as soon as Dr. Fiske treated me I knew she was totally in tune with and knowledgable about the human body. Shawna got to the root of my injuries and I Immediately started feeling better and preforming better. She's the only person I trust with getting me back to 100% when I have an injury and i would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality doctor."



- Juila "The Jewel" Budd | Professional MMA Fighter, Canadian & BC Muay Thai Champion and Profesional boxer



"I would like to highly recommend Dr. Shawna Fiske for her ever evolving approach to chiropractic care and injury rehab. I'm a retired professional UFC fighter with many nagging injuries as well as new ones. Dr. Fiske being an athlete herself has full understanding on how a athletes body works and realizes time off means loss of opportunities, so she has been great in speeding up mine and my athletes recovery process."


- Lance Gibson Sr. | UFC veteran/trainer, owner of Gibson MMA


"I have had a lot of experience with chiropractors and Dr. Shawna Fiske is one of the best. I sought help from Shawna with an injury that I had developed in both arms and which was a huge problem for me as a swimmer. Shawna quickly identified the source of the injury and treated it with a mixed modality approach that put me back on track and most importantly, back in the pool. She communicated her knowledge and treatment really clearly so that I understood the injury and how best to rehabilitate. I would 100% trust Shawna with my body and would recommend her to other athletes, or folks seeking an intelligent and personalized approach to healthcare. Do yourself a favour and check FiskCo out!"


- Ellexis Boyle | Avid Athlete and Researcher



 "As an avid runner/cyclist in the "Clydesdale" category I have constantly found myself dealing with chronic injuries. I've gone to many Physiotherapists and Chiropractors over the years with little results and mostly discouraging comments of how I shouldn't be running,etc.
I finally went and visited Dr. Fiske who analysed what was going on, provided me with steps to improve the situation and allowed me to make chiropractic visits pro-actively rather than re-actively.
She is very meticulous in her work, has an incredible knowledge of athletic issues but yet is able to explain everything in a very easy-to-understand manner. Since I started going to Dr. Fiske I've been able to more than quadruple my running/cycling distances per year, have hardly any issues anymore and have had nothing but encouragement about maintaining an active lifestyle!"
 - Warner Blom | Runner, Cyclist, Marathon and Triathalon Competitor 

"I have seen Dr. Fiske for a number of different symptoms over the years such as a shoulder injury, pain associated with sitting and neck/head muscle tightness.  I always tell people "she isn’t your typical Chiropractor" (she doesn’t just adjust).  As a patient, you are never rushed through your appointment and have her undivided attention while there.  I even sent my 76 year old mother to her when her arm was in a cast because of a broken wrist.  My mom thought she was a "miracle worker" for how much better her arm felt after. My mother now travels from Vancouver regularly to have a treatment (no adjusting).  I have recommended Dr. Fiske to many people, all of which have had great experiences.  Give her a try if you have an injury (big or little) or chronic pain.  You won’t be sorry.   Warning though; she does give homework."


- SW | Not an Athlete, just an ordinary person who sits at a computer too much